I've made an NFT explorer January 14th, 2022

If you haven't been keeping up with Loopring's movements; they have just announced they are releasing an NFT Collection called Loopheads.

These aren't your regular old NFTs. These will be dynamic and change accordingly to different scenarios. Pretty cool, eh?

Anywho, there was no easy way to view all the different variations of the NFTs in the collection. So, I decided to create an NFT explorer for the Loopheads which can be found here.

Under the hood, the NFT explorer is a Blazor Server application. Basically the logic in the application does the following:

  1. On page load, get the ipfs links to each base NFT in the collection
  2. When you click the view variations button it will get the ipfs links to the variations metadata
  3. When you click on a variation it will get the metadata and grab the NFT image

One thing I have found is that ipfs can be slow and returns weird errors from time to time so there is a retry mechanism built in place.

This was a fun little project and I learnt a bit about ipfs in the process too. Let's see what else I can build in the future! :D